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We are currently identifying potential study subjects worldwide. If you might be interested in participating, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

To be a study subjects, you should

Currently vape daily

Have a very limited history of smoking

Less than 1000 total cigarettes (50 packs) in your life, currently a non-smoker, and have not smoked every day for at least 2 years

Thank you for your interest in possibly becoming a subject for the VERITAS Cohort Study, a long-term study of the health of vapers with a limited history of smoking. By completing this form, you will help us be able to move forward with your location.

This form is ONLY to get contact information and identify potential study subjects. We are NOT enrolling subjects yet. We will use the information here only for contacting you when we are ready to start enrolling subjects. We will delete all this information (whether you become a study subject or not) after that is complete. (For those enrolling in the study, we will collect new data for use in our research.)

This study was previously limited to particular study sites near one of our clinics. We are now recruiting worldwide because it will be all online for now. Anyone who meets the study criteria, wherever they are, is invited to sign up.

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Intake Survey

You are registering to enroll in the VERITAS cohort study of vapers with limited smoking history. By completing this form you are agreeing that you wish to be enrolled as a participant in the study. Your answers to these questions and all future surveys will be kept confidential; they will be stored and used as part of the study.
The VERITAS (Vaping effects: Real-world international surveillance) cohort study will be a 20-site, multi-country, 6+ year study of daily vapers who have smoked very little. The goal is to, for the first time, observe the health outcomes of exclusive vapers compared to controls with a history of no tobacco use. Outcome measures will include health status and changes in behavior over time.

To date, almost all assessments of the health of vapers have been among ex-smokers, where it is impossible to distinguish any small effects from vaping from the residual effects of long-term smoking. This study will allow us to test the hypothesis that vaping alone poses no measurable health effects.

Informed consent and confidentiality statement

You are agreeing to enroll in the VERITAS cohort study of vapers who have limited smoking history. Your participation will include primarily answering survey questions, about once every three months, and some additional photographic recording (e.g., taking pictures of your vapes). This will require installing an app on your mobile phone or similar device.

This study is purely observational. This means that we will not ask you to change your preferred behavior in any way. We will not encourage or discourage any behavior. We will not provide cessation services or any other advice.

No compensation will be provided to participants. You are free to drop out of the study at any time. You do not need to drop out of the study if you stop vaping or otherwise change your tobacco/nicotine use behavior. Indeed, we want you to stay and answer questions about your new behavior.

By becoming a study participant, you are agreeing to let the research team collect, store, and analyze the data you provide, and publish results based on that data. Your data will be collected and stored securely. The data will eventually be shared with other researchers, but all identifying information about you will be removed from the shared data. This means your name and contact information will be removed. Anything we publish will also avoid disclosing any identifying information. We will also protect your identity by excluding (from shared data and publications) any demographic information that might allow associating the data with a particular participant (e.g., for countries that have few participants, we will remove the specific country and group those together as “other”).

The risks to you from participation are minimal. As with any data about you held by anyone, there is some risk of a data security breach. Thus it is possible -- despite all our efforts to avoid this -- that your identified data might be acquired by someone else. This creates a tiny risk of your contact information and health data being stolen. To reduce concerns about this, we will make most questions that might create legal risk for you (i.e., those about illicit drug use) optional, and you can choose to not answer them. However, we cannot do this research without your answers about vaping and most such answers will be mandatory. Thus if vaping is illegal where you live and you are worried about providing data about your vaping, please choose to not participate in the study.

This study has received external ethics approval. You can see the statement of approval and the full protocol at

Please direct any questions or concerns about this informed consent statement to project director Carl V Phillips at