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Are you a potential study subject?

We are currently identifying potential study subjects worldwide. If you might be interested in participating, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

To be a study subjects, you should

Currently vape daily

Have a very limited history of smoking

Less than 1000 total cigarettes (50 packs) in your life, currently a non-smoker, and have not smoked every day for at least 2 years

Thank you for your interest in possibly becoming a subject for the VERITAS Cohort Study, a long-term study of the health of vapers with a limited history of smoking. By completing this form, you will help us be able to move forward with your location.

This form is ONLY to get contact information and identify potential study subjects. We are NOT enrolling subjects yet. We will use the information here only for contacting you when we are ready to start enrolling subjects. We will delete all this information (whether you become a study subject or not) after that is complete. (For those enrolling in the study, we will collect new data for use in our research.)

This study was previously limited to particular study sites near one of our clinics. We are now recruiting worldwide because it will be all online for now. Anyone who meets the study criteria, wherever they are, is invited to sign up.

To be used if we cannot reach you via your email
Previously we were only recruiting at a few locations. We are now recruiting everywhere. However, we want to keep track of who we have recruited at our original locations, so please tell us if you are near one of them (and if not, select "Other").
(any cigarettes of any sort, including heated tobacco products like iQos; this also includes cigars and shisha/hookah unless you only do that once or twice a year)
To help you estimate that: One 20-pack of cigarettes per week for a year is about 1000. An average of two cigarettes a week for a year is about 100. An average of a cigarette per month for five years is about 60.
(e.g., you have a plan to quit vaping or you expect to start smoking)
Note that your answer to this question does NOT represent formal informed consent on your part. We will provide you with much more detail and seek your formal informed consent later. We just want to make sure you have a general understanding of the requirements

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