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Do you want to be a Coehar Project Ambassador?

We are currently recruiting project “Ambassadors”, who will serve as the manager and point of contact for study subjects at each research site.

This is an opportunity to play a key role in an important scientific study (read more about the study), while networking with local vapers and an international team of researchers.

The Ambassador will help recruit study subjects, keep in touch with them throughout the study encouraging continued participation, and help out in a variety of other ways.

Who we are searching for



The VERITAS (Vaping effects: real-world international surveillance) Cohort Study is currently recruiting “Ambassadors” who will serve as the local project organizer for our study sites. We will be hiring up to 20 Ambassadors worldwide.

The study focuses on measuring health outcomes in vapers (e-cigarette users) with very limited smoking history. The Ambassadors will primarily be in charge of contact with the local study subjects, including their initial recruiting, which requires social outreach and organizing. This is a part-time position (approximately 5 hours/week on average). The project is expected to run for six years.

Study sites will be decided based on where a suitable potential Ambassador is recruited and is able to start successful recruiting, so anyone located near a reasonably large population of vapers is encouraged to apply. Each study site will have at least 40 study subjects. We are currently planning study sites in Italy, the US, the UK, and New Zealand. Potential Ambassadors from other countries are particularly encouraged to apply, to broaden our international coverage. Applications from the listed countries are equally welcome – we have not finalized the choices of Ambassadors in those locations and expect to have multiple sites in some countries.

We apologize that we are unable to consider applications from India, Australia, and other countries with severe restrictions on vaping.


This is an opportunity to be part of a major scientific research project that will be of benefit to vapers and evidence-based policy making. It will also be an opportunity to meet people and learn about your local vaping community and culture. The Ambassador position focuses on social networking and organization, with no scientific work or experience necessary. However, Ambassadors who are interested will have the opportunity to be involved in the scientific side of the project alongside a team of top researchers in the field.

VERITAS is a project of CoEHAR, the Center of Excellence for Harm Reduction, Catania, Italy. CoEHAR is a unique multidisciplinary research center focusing on promotion of best science in harm reduction via innovation, knowledge sharing and globalization. The lead scientist and project manager for VERITAS is Dr. Carl V. Phillips. CoEHAR is headed by Prof. Riccardo Polosa.


A VERITAS Ambassador must be a good social networker (both one-on-one and using online tools), organized (able to keep track of and proactively accomplish dozens of small tasks), and able to communicate well in written and spoken English and their main local language(s). Familiarity with vaping, vaping products, and vape culture is a major plus, but it is possible for a promising applicant to plan to acquire this knowledge. You also need to be of legal age to buy and use e-cigarettes in your jurisdiction (though there is, of course, no requirement that you do so).

The Ambassadors will help recruit study subjects, and keep in touch with them throughout the study encouraging continued participation. They will also be a point of contact for the local participating clinic and the expert about specific local conditions. Substantial support and training will be provided — we recognize that this is an unusual set of tasks.


This is an ideal “side gig” for vaping social networkers or vape shop operators, as well as freelancers and academics. Graduate students wanting some hands-on experience in a field research project are also encouraged to apply; if you are not subject matter expert on vaping, you can learn that side of it. (Professors and others who want to be an Ambassador, but might want to delegate some of the tasks to their employees may do so.)

But you do not have to be any of those. If you are interested and meet the skills requirements, please apply.


Compensation will be 800 Euros/month during the run of the project (with the possibility of somewhat higher rates for anyone in an particularly expensive location). There will be an initial three-month contract, at 500 Euros/month, during which the Ambassador will work with the central project office to start the recruitment of study subjects at their location.

The contract will be managed by ECLAT srl (a unit of the University of Catania and CoEHAR).

If you would like to read the specs of the job description in excruciating detail, click here.